February 22nd, 2017


1.30 am and I'm still awake. I'm having hard time at work because the pain on my arms and wrists. A girl told me I should go to youtube and watch videos of carpal tunnel exercises and for tinnitus. My problem with ears is because my jaw but maybe some exercises can help... nothing to lose.
Today I started the first campaign of email marketing for my client. He's happy with my work. He also wants I designsome brochure and the website. And they will take my hosting service.
At work things are a little more relaxed since my coworker stop complaining for everything. But my family latelly is drama over drama... jesus they are so destructive that I want go away from them.
I didn't study today, but I signed another course from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an online course for improve my bad English. 
Went I got home it's was raining and there was not electricity. I lit a candle and I did my workout. Electricity came back at 9pm. 
I had yogurth and fruits for dinner. I played 2 hours with Mike but the pain on my arms was killing me then I went to bed and I watched some episodes of Dexter. And i don't have any idea why I'm not sleeping now... 
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