February 24th, 2017


 7 hours more and I'll have 4 days off! I have a lot of things I wanna do next days:  online courses, IPL sessions, start the new website, swimming, beauty care, go to the market, workout workout workout, get my magic cards deck done... I need a "to do" list, I don't want waste my holiday being lazy. 
Yesterday I watched some videos about carpal tunnel exercises. I did the exercises and the pain in my arms decreased!  I'll do it every day. 
It's great to see all the power that the mind has. I decided change my mind and the things I tell to myself 1 year ago, I forced myself to do small steps every day to get my goals. So bad I waste too much years before control my mind, but better late than never.

Btw 30 days to go to Orlando