March 7th, 2017

Revelation Online

 Last days I've been played the closed beta of Revelation Online with Mike. This kind of games isn't new for me, it's similar to Perfect World or Guild War wich I played years ago.
So far to level you have mostly to do quests but you can also kills mobs in dungeons. It has a limit of mobs you can kill in dungeons every day: 250. After it you can use some items wich enable you to kill 50-70 mobs more. There are a limit about how many of this items can you use every day. There are some things that you can do to get XP while you are afk, but again there are a limit of the items that you can use to gain XP in this way.  
The quest are very easy to do since game use pathfinding mode, wich I love because this helps to my arms don't hurt using the computer.
Another thing I like, when you have to distribute the basic attributes you can see how each point will affect your stats in a combat rating. This is great for me and very helpful. The game has so many things going on and it's a little messy, craft system, path, factions, honor system, order points, social system, guild system, battle system, and a lot of things to learn. You can flight or ride a horse, and you can lift another player and take him with you.
As usual I have issues with inventory, always full, and servers are full people, but something good is the option to hide all the players then it decreace the lag. So far I prefere playing this game instead Lineage.