March 12th, 2017

(no subject)

I had a great weekend, I did so many thinghs. Yesterday I had no much to do at the office then I worked in the website, I like how it's going. I added a calendar for the courses the client does, he will like this. 

While I cleaned the house mom came to home to complain again about the same things than always. I didn't let her talk so much, I don't have patience for ppl who just complain instead fix the things.

I did the peeling. I was a little afraid of how my skin will react with this acid but all was fine. Skin didn't get red and no allergy reaction. I could see the outcome 30 minutes after do it. The skin looks illuminated and it reduces pores. I feel a little uncomfortable but I can hold this very well. I'm going to repeat this in a week 

I did another beauty things and I painted my hair just to cover white hair. It looks great and even when I have so much hair it's not hard to do. I expend 100$ doing it myselft vs 600$ going to the hairdressing. 
I also had time to play with Mike and sleep a lot of hours