March 31st, 2017

Burned and fat

 Yday I did bad work with sunscreen. Mike's legs and feet burned and the sun was so hot that our skin got burned even on places that I put sunscreen.. like his chest. I'm more tanned than burned. So after see Mike's skin I decided we don't go to the pool today. 
Michael has asked his mother to book the hotel for us because she's member, and for some reason that I still don't understand she booked it from Saturday to Saturday... we arrived on Sunday so, we need do check out tomorrow at 10am and look for a hotel to sleep that night.

Very relaxing day, we play cards and watch tv. We walked to Nike store and I bought 2 pair of shoes and clothes. I spent $216 and saved $65. I don't like wearing sneakers but I have to say those shoes I got are very comfortable, love them!

At night we had an argument or something like that. It was because the language. We were talking about 2 different situation but it feels like we were argument about one. We couldn't understand each to other then Mike got upset and stressed. I got pissed for his reaction and told him to let me alone. He tried to come to me but I felt so frustrated that I said Go away! He did. I started to pack our things but he came to me again. Reconciliations are always great!!!   

After it we went to the bath and I got massages when we both calm again Mike explained to me what he was trying to tell me before, and I explained to him what I wanted to say. I really need to improve my speaking to avoid this situations, I don't expect Mike learn Spanish. 

We played till we felt hungry, at 3am. I wanted to try Tacos, so we drove to Taco Bell. I had no idea what kind of Tacos I would like so I let Mike choose for me. He start to order food and I was like WTF?!?!?!?! it was endless!!!!! We got like 9 or 10 tacos because Mike wasn't sure what I like then he wants I try different kind of tacos.  He definitely wants me fat.

I didn't like all of them

Our plan was staying awake till the morning to do the check out but after the late dinner I said Fuck that! let's take some sleep.