April 6th, 2017

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 Today I have worked from home! public transport wasn't working because people are claiming I don't know what.... any trade union are making deal with government but some of them wanted to show who has the bigger dick then they forced us to stay at home since no bus, train, taxi, nothing for go work unless you have a car.
I woke up at 9.30 am after slept 12 hours then I logged on my work's computer and I did the few things I had to do. Afther that I did workout (so hard to start it again!) then I took shower. I had pasta for lunch and I worked on the website. There is another person who want I do a website and more things for him 

A friend told me about some app for the cellphone to earn money. I registered and started using it. She told me she get decent money and they pay in dolars so I spoke with Mike and we agree to save that money, whatever they pay, for vacations or any other plan we make. 
She also sent me a link with many apps name and I see one wich pay for play games, like candy crush... tomorrow i will check it. Even if they pay with Amazon giftcards it could work for me since I buy things there.

I logged again in Lineage since Mike wants do something together. They updated the game. It seems more balanced but to be honest I prefer working on websites than playing games.