April 20th, 2017

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Oh tired as fuck! but I did workout. I installed an app to track the steps I do and other activity. I don't walk so much because I work sitting 9 hours per day but anyway I do 3k steps just going and coming to take the bus. I should go for a walk on my lunch time but I don't like the city where I work. 
In 4 days it says I walked 5.25km, 9k steps, burned 6k calories and doing activity for 2.30 hours just going to work and doing my workout 2 days.
My weight is 134lbs and I don't think I should lose more weight. This week I'm a little quiet because period pains.

I want finish to write my memories from vacations before weekend. I have to do few things more in the website and try to study English. I still have to sell a lot of products, make more decks of Magic Cards, read my book, finish my course of HTML/CSS to improve my skills and I also started 2 more courses: "e-commerce" and "ERP"

I had a serious conversation with Mike. He's trying to change some things and starting to work for get his goals. I'll help him since I'm the only person to who he tell his things. I know how hard it will be to him but I know he can get whatever he wants. I love the team we do 
So far we started to go to bed early to fix our sleeping and I try he don't take naps.