April 21st, 2017

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I'm very tired but I forced myself to do some workout. I want start doing 30 min everyday.
It's allergy season for me as always that weather changes. My eyes itch so much, I'll need to buy pills.
I need do shopping online from grocery, get something for dinner, work in the website... but I lay on the bed. I want do nothing.
Last night I watched John Wick movie... it's was Meh 😐

Google fit

I see that the app I installed to register my physical activity show me how many calories I burn even doing the basical bodily functions. So I was wonder how many calories I should eat. I've never worried about diets, calories, weight, etc. so I had no idea about it. I got some calculator online and it says I should eat 2000 calories to keep my weight and 1500 if I want to lose 1.1lbs in a week. 

So, how to know how many calories I eat every day? My first thought was: if coffee has so many calories I'm really fucked up, so I researched about that and.... it has not calories!!!!!  if I add coffecream: 20 kcal. sugar 30 kcal. So, drinking 3 cups of coffee at work = 90 kcal. Coffee I drink at home at weekends: 50 kcal each. 

I researched the calories of all the food I eat and I think I eat less than 1500-1600 kcal every day, maybe it explains why I don't get fat and why I'm always tired when I try to do workout. The app shows I burn 1400-1500 kcal every day this week. Not sure if it's ok that I eat the same than I burn, if this healthy?
Anyway I won't start to calculate the calories of every single thing I eat, I was just curious about the numbers the app shows.
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