April 27th, 2017

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I had a busy day at work. Making quotes, calculated sales commissions, processing RMA, and with a long list of tasks to-do, while my coworker spend his days being lazy, saying to me how bad he wants to go home instead of being at work, saying he wants vacations, etc.
I've suggested to him to do his work 1 month ago and he still didn't finish a simple sales report 

So, this week my boss sent an email to inform that the prices of 1000 products have changed. It's me who usually update the prices in our list and system because nobody else whant to do the job, but this time I said to my coworker I couldn't do it until finish the other tasks. Of course, he gives a shit and keep doing nothing.
Purchasing manager has ordered 2 items today and he took a wrong price, one was his mistake, the other was because the price list isn't updated yet. My boss came to my office very upset to ask why we using old prices when she has sent a mail with the new prices. The guy and me tried to explain to her that i'm very busy doing almost everything alone in my department but she didn't get it... when she left the office this guy told me... "what about ur coworker? he has to do this if you are busy!!! " and we spoke about how this guy is doing nothing but my boss made him department head... we are lossing so many customers and the only he does is lay in his chair and talk about all that he doesn't like about his job.
I got pissed for a while but I went back to my work. I won't make his job, no way. 

I started playing Magic Duels today. Mike is playing since few days. We learn a lot about the card game. Some things we did wrong when playing on vacations but with this game we will get better. I'm learning some tricks to play smart. I really like games that make you think. 


 Weather is crazy. At morning was just 10C and windy. At noon it was warm. Now it's cold again. But I'm fine with the coat I bought this week.
I also bought a feather blanket wich is very warm and you can use it both sides.

I wonder if I can wash it in the washing machine