May 1st, 2017

Labor day

 Today is Workers day (or Labor day) so I have day off. Weather was very nice, it was sunny and 22+ (72F). 
I finally had good sleep and I woke up feeling great. I took my time to leave the bed. I drank coffee while reading other journals, then I cleaned the house. The only I didn't clean are the windows. 

After it I did 30 min of workout. I'm doing few excercises: squats with side leg raise, fire hydrants , kneeling leg lift, lying side lift, glute bridges, side lunges, abs and push up. I'll try to do more than 30 min but keep doing workout 3 times at week.

After workout I took a shower, I cook some meat with onion and pumpkin, and I had coffee.
I just painted my nails while writing this entry, I'll sleep in few.
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