May 3rd, 2017

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 It's autumn here and days start to be shorter but still hot. This week weather is +26 at day and +15 during the night. There isn't need to use a coat.
I woke up a little earlier, when it was dark. The builders were not working yet in the building next to home. It was so quiet

Again another busy day at work. My coworker went to the office today but he told me he isn't coming tomorrow. My boss and I spoke again about people and work. She is thinking about fire some people who isn't following her instructions. We talked about the fat man and how he's trying to make people hate each others, always jealous about everybody. I'm glad to can talk with her about this issues and that it seems she trust me. I hope she fix our team, I'm tired to deal with people who instead do their work are messing around or trying to fuck someone else up.

After work I took Mart to the cinema. We watched 'The boss baby'. I liked the movie, very funny, I've laughed a lot and ate so much popcorn. It's a movie for kids that an adult can enjoy. I don't remember seeing technologic devices in the movie and I think it's a great example for kids. It's so sad to see kids stucked at their smartphone, tablet or computer like zombies, no imagination at all, and if you take devices away from them they get bored easy. 
After movie we ate some burguers and I came back home. I'm ready to sleep now