May 23rd, 2017

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Guess what?!! yesterday I've bitched to Michael again I think I overreacted but latelly something is changing inside me. I used to be someone who hold everything on silence. Confronting people was so hard for me that I had panic attack. But now, I can't hold nothing else. I always think before talk but I don't wait months to open my mouth, now I don't wait even a week. And this isn't just with Michael... I see I'm doing the same about work. And even if things don't go as I want, telling to people what I think make me feel less stressed. I try to give my opinion in a respectful way, but now I stop caring if they will get offended with me and run away.

This days I'm helping my boss with some reports. She knows and she said more than once it's my coworker who has to do this reports. Today after work we got the bus together and we were talking about how things are going, and about the last meeting we had. I'm being very honest with her about how I see the situation of the company. And also I've told her I don't trust anymore my fat coworker and I explained my reasons. We both don't know what intentions he have, she doesn't trust him too. She told me she's tired of the attitude of the people who is working for her company, and she's thinking about to do a big restructuration, and she mentioned I'm involved in that changes but didn't give me details, and I won't ask. I'll keep doing my best trying to help to save the company. This is a challange and I love challanges!

Yesterday I was so tired that I fell asleep at 10pm... today I'm exhausted too. I think I'm getting sick, or maybe I'm more stressed than usual 

I said no to meeting up for coffee! :O

 At Sunday my ex talked to me on facebook's chat. We didn't talk since months. I'm never friend of my ex's after breaking up to avoid feeling uncomfortable if they try to have sex again. Alexis is the only ex bf I keep on touch because he's the only who didn't cheat me. He's a good person but our relationship didn't work because he's 11 years older than me, and this is not only age difference, but maturity. I know.... I should ask to men their age before start datting them!!!! but I always forget  Michael is 8 years younger than me... at least this time I pick a kid instead a baby 
Coming back to the topic, my ex told me he was near my home and asked to go to drink coffee. I made an excuse and said I can't. To be honest I would like having some social life, but I feel he still want sex with me, because when we talk he flirts, and this make me feel uncomfortable.This is way I stoppend hanging out with him and this is way I'm not friend of my exs

More activities

 This week I started to go for a walk on my lunch time. I have 1 hour every day but I eat in 20 min, then the rest of my time I'm walking. Of course I won't walk 10k steps but at least in this way I can walk 5k steps at day. 

I've installed Duolingo again on my cellphone to practise English. I need to catch up with this and try harder. This is why I have never enough sleep... there are so many things I want to do!!!