May 27th, 2017


 I came home from work, had lunch then I went to the park for a walk. I walked for 1 hour then I did streatching. Finally I did 10k steps in one day!
I realized that Google Fit app is very bad to count steps, so I'll start tracking it manually. Now I'll lay a bit or maybe take a nap 

btw... even walking fast my heart is very quiet. That's really good for training 


I found another good serie on Netflix! I'm stucked at the computer watching Shooter from 3 hours now, and still 5 episodes left to watch.
I chose that serie because I like sniper stories and because the black actor who worked on Dr. House (I don't know his name), and I'm not disappointed at all. So bad it's just 1 season so far.
I'm very curious about how soldier's mind works... how they deal with the fact that they are killers? I couldn't kill even an animal. 
How can you have honor, loyalty, faithfulness and also be a killer? Our beliefs can be so powerful. I feel kinda admiration, sadness and fear for them. I would like to analyze and understand them. Our mind can be amazing. 
Writing this I realized that I'm trying to understand people's mind all the time... I don't know why