May 30th, 2017


I'm in my coffee break at work. What I like about my job is that I never work on holidays. That is great! My schedule is always the same, it never changes and i don't work at night because we are closed at 6pm :)
I dont have to deal with costumers. They dont come to our offices. My boss is never behind me controlling what I do. There is nobody who check what I do with my computer also. They pay my salary always on time and all the contributions to the state, health service, etc. Whatever I say I need for work, they will give me... a new computer, desk, chair or cellphone.
If I see a course I can do and wich helps to improve my skills they will pay it for me. When a holidays is on Friday or Monday they usually give us the Saturday off.
Isnt so bad, right?

(no subject)

What I dont like about my work is the place where the office is and my coworkers. I was happy that in the upstairs office where we are now, the fat guy isnt next to me so I dont see directly when he is picking his nose or digging in his ears with the car key, but now the other coworker who is sitting in front of me started to pick his nose since we moved here. And he also makes so much noise when he drinks something or he eats cookies (he chews with open mouth).
ok we all are humans and we all have snots, but why men are so disgusting? Why they are always in front of other people picking their nose, scratching their balls, digging their ears and they also look at their finger to check the treasure they got? If you are at your home ok, do whatever you want!!! But when you have people around move your ass to the restroom if you need do that. Some men also burp nonstop in front of other people and you can smell what they ate. Disgusting and gross.