June 27th, 2017

Make up

Mike got back the box he sent me 6 month ago with the make up he got for me. I told him better he keeps it and he gives me next time we be together. He could not help and he shows me the make up he bought. I didn't want he shows me because I like the surprises but he was so excited about the gift!! I can't wait to try it 

The eyelash mascaras are blue and purple

Blue blue blue

Yday Florencia and Melina came home and since we were kinda bored they painted a strand of my hair with blue color. First we made it blonde then we painted with blue.
I don't think I will be blonde ever but the color was pretty nice on me, girls liked it and they said it looks honey instead yellow.
The blue strand is very nice and not flashy, it's hard to see it on my head because I have so much hair! I like it

pics arent good cuz it was at night and light is bad

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