June 29th, 2017


 I want to try to wake up earlier then do workout in the morning before go to work. This means I should get up 6am, and prolly will feel a little sleepy during the day, but I think I'll have more energy at morning than at 8pm. If I can do that, I can have better breakfast... yogurth, fruits, toast, eggs or cheese and coffee, or things like that instead just tea and some cookies. And also if I have time left I can start using all the make up I have which I hardly ever use because I wake up with time just to drink a tea and get dressed 
I was going for a walk on my lunch time to compensate my lack of movement but it's winter so it's cold and raining  Mom lent me her stationary bike but she wanted it again so yesterday I was looking how much they cost and I found a mini pedal exerciser which is cheaper (usd 50 agaisnt 200$ or more for a bike) and perfect for a small department, so I bought it and they already  sent it this morning  I'll get this in 2 or 3 days. 
This is what I bought, you can regulate it for more resistance: 

And this is the workout sessions last week :D

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 My boss kicked one associate seller... about time she does it! She asked to my coworker if he wants move to live in that province and be seller, he said yes It's good and bad... bad because for some time I'll be alone for doing everything until we hire someone who works with me in the office and I have to train a person, but good because my coworker is not good for managment tasks. I hope he really moves there and if I'm lucky I'll get a smart coworker 

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 I did potato and meat cake.. it weighed 2kg and we were 2 for dinner I guess tomorrow I'll have the same for lunch lol... it's delicious
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