July 10th, 2017

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 I'm so busy with myself that I don't have enough time to write here!. We had a meeting at work last week and I presented a marketing plan so I'm working in extra tasks like advertising, google adwords, updating our website, creating content for facebook, newsletters, etc.

I'm being very disciplined about workout, I do my exercises 3 times and bike 2 times at week or more. I'm burning at least 1500 calories every day but I'm not sure how many calories I earn for eating. The mini bike was a great idea, it motivates me to sit at the computer to do my HTML course while I do exercise. I'm also studying English and listening the audiobook of Narnia which I can understand better than the first time I tried.
Although I drink less coffee and I go to bed earlier I still wake up during the night. Slowly I'm improving my eating... very slowly. And..... still no anxiety!!! 
About men I'm not paying so much attention to them latelly. My ex is texting to me every day, I don't know his real intentions and I don't care. Michael is still lazy trying to force himself time to time to do something. I don't care anymore what he does and what he doesn't, that is not my business. I have no plans with him, just with myself and it feels great
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