July 26th, 2017

(no subject)

 I have not so much to say.. work is stressful. On my free time I do workout 3 at week, stationary bike 3 at week, I'm working on  my website, studying web programming, reading books and watching series.
This week I work from home because I got an ulcer on my eye and I can't use contacts lens. My eyes was swollen and red, now is better. Working from home is great, I wish I could do it always!! Anyways I'm tired, not sure why.
I asked to Dr how much surgery cost... it costs 30.000, stupid expensive. I should ask to mom for borrow me money but not sure, she is in Italy now and I'm sure when she comes back she will say she has no money because the travel. My mother is literally millonary but she always says she has not money... 
About Michael... it doesn't worth writing.