August 21st, 2017

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 Day off today, this is how Mondays should be, is not? 
On saturday after work I came home and I did workout, then at 6pm I went to bed for a nap... I passed out until 6 a.m. on Sunday, and of course I was not going to get up so early then I slept for 4 hours more.

I got up and I spent 6 hours cleaning the house. I thought I was going to end exhausted but nope, maybe because the vitamins I started to take but not sure because it is just 2 days taking the pills. I bought some Collagen pills with A, C and E vitamins to see if this help me with my tiredness. Doing workout is a little hard latelly, and I don't want to stop it. I'm trying to improve my eating too, but I guess all this fatigue is because stress is messing with my sleeping. So after cleaned I took a shower and I sat down at the computer to work on my projects.

I worked to optimize my website for SEO, something that can take hours and hours of work. But so far I'm very satisfied with my work, after work on the website code I got 30 more points on the score that Google gives for page speed. The indexation is ok, and I don't have crawl errors. Anyway there is a lot of things I still need to do for SEO, and another sections I want to add to the website.

I said one more time to Michael that I'm serious about working on the mobile application, I don't know what he thinks I can't do many projects same time. That is how I always work, and this is why I use a project manager to track and write down all the tasks I need to do. I will start a course of Design for apps, to see what design program they use, what type of file I need to create, resolutions, etc. I really know nothing about mobile apps.
So far I'm doing 2 courses same time, and that doesn't stress me, in fact I'm excited about learning new skills.

What is stressing me is all the shit that is going on on my work. Last week 2 associate seller leave us. This is not a bad news to be honest, they both were stealing sales to our company, but instead give us a time to look for new sellers they leave us one day to another. And next month another associate seller will leaves the company because we won't renovate his contract since we got this guy stealing sales.
We still have 2 associate sellers who steal sales and I bring a lot of proofs to my boss about this. And I also got proofs that all those fuckers are doing a business together and this is why they suddenly leave us. 
To replace one of those sellers, my boss offered to my coworker who works with me at the office, to be seller. Right now he is meeting clients because there is noone to do that until we hire a new seller. I thought he was happy about this opportunity, sellers really earn so much money in our company, but he told me he won't accept the new job and also he will leave after December.... He said that the money doesn't worth all the stress we have. I'm agree if we talk about our actual salaries, but being seller means earn our salary x 5, and also being associate and not employee. So i can't understand this guys, he won't earn x5 his salary in other place, and since they moved him to my office I just hear him complaining for everything. Being seller is the position he wanted, and now that he got it, he doesn't want anymore.
So, I need to wait he talks to my boss about this, then I can sit with her and see how the hell we will organize the work, because this mean I will be alone in the office without any help if she doesnt hire someone else. She also needs look for at least 3 new sellers and I'm sure the other 2 thief we have left, will leave us soon. And of course they will continue doing damage even after leave us, so I need to think how to minimize that damage. 
My boss told me she is going to hire a sales manager "with universitary title" because our actual sellers don't respect anyone of us. And this manager won't be working with me in the office, he will not have a place, he will be going there and here. If she thinks that a title gives to someone some respect she is wrong. Our sellers don't respect us because she says No and then when sellers complain she changes her mind and then says Yes. All the shit that is going on happens because her lack of control. I understand she is old and she is not a business woman, she was kinder teacher before her husband dies. But she should learn about her mistakes instead repeating them. 
If al this shit is not enought stress for me, we can add the fact that all those sellers that are stealing and leaving us, tried to buy the company 2 years ago. And they are trying that we lose the representation of the brand that whe sell in our country to they get it. In the meanwhile they are trying to make our clients angry with us, promising things that they know we can't fulfill (like inmediate delivery) then when the clients claim they say "I can do nothing, this is the company who doesnt give us a solution" 
In the other hand I don't know what my boss will do when my coworker says to her that he is going to leave us too. I don't fucking know how many months I will keep my work, so you can imagine how stressed I am, but still trying to keep calm at work, and thinking new ways to minimize the damage and keep our clients. 

I'm really pissed about people from my country, many of them are dishonest and the worse is that they justify themselves. This is what u get when there is lack of education. This is what you get when for 12 years a thief ruled the country, and I am not optimist about this will change.
For the people who are still honest this mean we lose a lot of oportunities because dishonest people fucked us in one or other way. I won't care leaving this damned country but I won't ever be like they are. I hate them.

Plans for today is workout, maybe watching the eclipse since this is just 3 minutes (we won't see it from our country), doing some beauty routine, studying and working on my projects. 

Solar Eclipse 2017

 The eclipse has begun, I'm watching it from Nasa channels. The sky is very clear here but we have not glasses for this and not sure what we could see from this point of the planet. They say that ppl from Brazil will be able to see a part of the eclipse, but not us. What I like about American ppl is that they make a party about everything. 

Solar Eclipse 2017

I watched the eclipse from Nasa TV channel, it was amazing.

It was cloudy on Indianapolis and Michael was working but anyways he could take some pics with his iPhone.
There you have

He was not using the special glasses and he just looked at the sun when clouds covered it... I hope nothing happens to his eyes