August 23rd, 2017

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To not talk again about all the stress I have at work let's write a little about Michael.

For those who has read all my complaining about him maybe you think he is a lazy and childish ass. Well be are agree that he needs be an adult and face his problems but there is something that makes it harder.
Michael has a health problem called sleep apnea which make him snoring, breath pauses and choking. I controlled him while he sleeps and he literally stop breathing for several seconds, then his body fights hard to get air until he makes choking noises and get some air to his lungs.... and then all the process starts again. This is the way he "sleeps" the whole night and of course he keep waking up because his noises, and he doesn't really rest. This makes him feel tired, irritated, depressed, and during the day he keeps falling asleep everywhere. He also has some extra weight that he wants to lose which doesn't help to his problem. 
I have tried to motivate him to do something else after work, but he can't keep a routine, then he feels a failure and get more depressed. Sometimes I lose my patience and I think he makes excuses then I remember how painful is looking at him when he sleeps, so just him really knows how harder is fix this situation, and I should support him instead push him. I try...
He went to the Dr 1 month ago who confirmed his issue. Dr sent him to run a sleep test, but it cost 1000 usd and Mike doesn't want pay for it. There is a mask for breathing he can use to sleep but he needs first do the test. I'm worry because the apnea makes his blood preassure go high.

So far he leaves the pills for anxiety because it makes his apnea worse and today he started doing workout and walking. He tried to do it before then he leaves after the first day. 
He also stops wasting his time with games or watching series and it seems he is studying to do the mobile app together. 

I write about this because I want to be his support and help him. This is not about MY expectations, this is 100% about him, I need remember this.