August 26th, 2017

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 Oh god I am so fucking pissed...

Today went I got work people were histeric, I asked what was going on then they asked me if I read the email my boss sent last night... I didn't... so the other girl who works with me sent me to read it... I was scared thinking my boss was going to close the company. She is not... but the news were not better in my opinion.

As she told me, she got a person with universitary title to lead sales department (my department). But it is not a new employee as I thought, and this person is not someone with a title on administration or marketing... the new "sales manager and commercial director" is one of our sellers (who hardly ever can close a sales) and his title is "Engineer in renewable energies" 

My reaction (and so good my boss is away for a week) was like "are you fucking kidding me????"  I hope I be wrong but I don't think this guy will be able to organize a shit. First of all his experience "in international companies" was making projects to build wind farm. So, someone explain to me please what the hell this has to do with setting sales objetives, making a plan to get those goals, implement a sales strategy, etc.
And what pissed me off more is my boss told me the new manager won't work with me at the office because sales manager will go here and there to see clients and sellers (and because he lives in the other side of our country), and she is not sure if she will hire someone else to help me... so seems she thinks I will do the job of 2 person but get the salary of 1.... or maybe no, nobody fucking know because she is not sure what she wants to do, and because she is changing her mind every fucking day.

I should keep calm and wait till she comes back in a week and ask to her what her plans are. But for sure I can say she has not idea about manage a company, she doesn't even know the products we sell!! and it is obviously she is impromptu.  If she thought that people will respect this guy just because his title she was wrong... all my coworkers were saying that this guy has not idea about the position he got. 

I know I could do the job pretty decent, but I didnt expect she put me ahead of the office because the sellers that still steal in our company won't respect me at all. I am not upset about she looks for a new person, in fact I told her it was a good idea because this person can take drastic decistions and people will need follow him. But I didn't ever expect she put our worse seller (and his friend) to lead all the fucking company.

Really this country is full of mediocre people and fuckers and I am tired to get fucked up by them. I will start to look for new jobs and keep working on my own projects instead squeeze my mind trying to find solutions for a company which its owner is ruining.