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September 14th, 2017

Sep. 14th, 2017

 I took day off today, I shouldn't because I have so much to do at work and there is noone to replace me, but I don't care. I woke up with a strong headache which made me throw up, I hate it... it's been 20 years since last time I threw up. Head, neck and eyes hurt. I guess all this shit is because bruxism and cervical, which means : stress.
I tried to work from home but I felt nauseas so I came back to the bed and tried to sleep. In the first hour of the morning I got 7 phone calls about work 
Since I can't sleep again I got up to see if this helps to relieve the pain. Every step I take is a stitch in the head. I tried for second time to have breakfast. Let's see if I don't throw it. 
If I can't rest I will be pissed because they will cut my salary for nothing then.
 I slept 5 hours, that really helped. Head just hurts when I stand up. Fingers from right hand hurts but my neck feels better. I would like doing something useful with my day, I have eveything delayed: work, courses, workout, projects... but I feel like doing nothing.

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