September 21st, 2017

A weird spring day

Last night I felt asleep before midnight and I slept good until 2.30 am. then I woke up After it I tried to sleep and I woke up many times before leave the bed.
When I was getting ready for work my cellphone started to ring, It was Michael sending whatsapp messages.
I asked to him what's going on and he replied he was waking me up. I said "I was blocked, was not"? and he sayd " Yes I think idk" then we didn't talk again the rest of the day. I didn't get mad for he didn't keep me blocked because he is not talking to me and because so far I can control myself to not message him.

Work was quiet. The administrative manager came to my office to give me my payroll receipt. I asked to him what I am earning right now because this is not clear to me. Last month they did a mistake and they fixed it this month, so they paid me like $ 120 more. I thought next mont I will go back to my normal salary but the guy told me I will earn the same. This is not great but it's welcome for sure.
He asked me if I'm happy with my salary and we spoke about our salaries, company situation, etc. It was weird, in 5 years I work there we never spoke about money. No one is happy with the salary but I feel he is waiting someone else say something about it to my boss.

I sold 2 more products last night and I delivered it today 

Spring starts today and obviously it's raining and cold, like every September 21th. My babies cactus are in bloom. There some pics I took yesterday