September 24th, 2017

(no subject)

 I'm thinking how I can do to save more money that I already have.
I have 1.000 usd on my main bank account (but I have it on our legal money, not dolars), And so far I don't need use it for anything so I was thinking about to buy 200 or 250 dolars every month and move it to my account for dolars. And do the same with any extra money, i.e. the 350 usd I earned with ecommerce.  

I am not sure if I should save the money on dolars or pesos. Right now 1 dolar = 17.50 pesos and dolar will keep rising its price, so this is why I think about to save dolars, but I don't know what will happens with the dolar's price after elections in October.

Saving 250 every month is not great, but I think if I start with that I can try to save more if I see I am ok with bills.