September 26th, 2017

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Today was a interesting day at work. My boss got tired of lazy people so she yelled at the depot manager and told him if he can't do his work she will fire him. She also argued with the technical boss (aka fatass). 

My coworker and I went to met a customer. The building was very cool and it makes me feel more depressed about the place I work. I said to my coworker we should pick my boss to the meeting then she can see how awful our building and offices are and he told me he tried to take her with him but he doesn't know what plans my boss has for me because she said this is better that I start to meet customers with him. 

After that we went to the Oil & Gas trade show. There is more than one person who want to know about our products and I realize that my coworker doesn't know how to talk with our customers, which is logic because he is not seller but technical. I am afraid to talk with them because I don't know their business so I would like getting involved with our customers to learn how to introduce our products and to can generate new business. We went to the trade show booth of our competitors to say hello to 2 guys who worked in our company.  I didn't see any good looking boy 

I got home at 9 p.m. a little tired and very hungry. I wont do workout today but I will try to use the stationary bike.