October 3rd, 2017

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 Yesterday the daughter of my boss came to my office and she paste an image on the wall. She said it's to change the negative energy on the place or something like that. She also put one of those in every office and other places of the building. I don't know what this is, how this is called and why they have different colors, mine is purple, others are green or blue. I will appreciate if any of you tell me what it is

I am not sure what kind of effects an image can do but it seems didn't work on my coworker who was mad and complaining about everything 
I had to buy a headset with microphone because sales manager wants to use Skype with me because he loves talking for hours at phone. I hope it does not delay my work. He's trying to write some list with the things we are doing and things we have to do. He called his list "action plan for sales".
At the beginning of the year I made the sales plan, with sales goals, strategies, reports, etc. when it was not my work. His list is not like my report which I think is logic because he is not a sales manager really, he is engineer in renewable energies, but then I was thinking... why I'll do again the work of the sales manager when I earn 1/3 of the money he earn? This is a good point to ask for pay rise to my boss.

Another good point to ask for the rise is because I'll start meeting clients, and they also want I take a technical training... and all those things while I do al the tasks of sales department and marketing. It's time to talk about money.

Good things about today:

It was a sunny day, I went outside for a while in my lunch time.
I sold 3 more products 
I got 2 mini cactus to bring to my office.
I did 1 hour bike and 1 hour workout. Today was legs, abs and arms
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