October 4th, 2017

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I slept so bad that it was hard to get up this morning. I brought the 2 mini cactus to my office, they changed the look of the place and I am very happy about that. If they survive I'll bring more.

Day was slow, maybe because I slept bad and I felt so tired all day long. I started a marketing campaign which include emails and social media publications (facebook, twitter, linkedin). Few minutes after sent the newsletter it had an open rate of 15%+ and also clicks on the links. Some people were asking for more information so I'm satisfied with the result.

After lunch I started to calculate comissions but I lost part of my work because sales manager opened the same file I was working on , even when yesterday I told him to not to do that and I told him if he wants to see comissions he can copy the files in his computer instead open them from the Dropbox folder. He said "It is not me this time!! someone else should be opening the files" and he puts under suspicion my other coworker (the lazy fatass). I worried that someone else got the dropbox password then I checked the logs and connections and guess what??? in the log I could see that the computer who opened the file was his computer (I also saw his IP).He kept saying it was not him  

I did 1 hour bike and now I'm going to the bed
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