October 7th, 2017

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 I'm trying new recipes . Today I cooked something that I have no idea how to call it because I made it with what I had in the fridge: zucchini, eggs, onion, aji, cheese and grated cheese. 
I put one layer of zucchini then I mixed the eggs with sauteed onion and aji and I spilled it over, another layer of zucchini, chesse, last layer of zucchini then I spread grated cheese on top. I cooked it in the oven for 30 minutes or less. Very easy and fast, and it was delicious!

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 Guess who did shopping today and got 2 new par of shoes???

Yes!! that's me!!! 

I messed them up with talcum powder 

They are very comfortable, 4" heels, square and perfect to walk without feel pain. The pink is very delicate, I love them!