October 14th, 2017

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 Today I went to work. My boss, her daugther and sales manager were again on meeting. At some point they called me and made me join them. We worked in a new price list and we talked about other topics. they spoke about the smelly guy and my boss wanted move him back to my office. Then I had to talk about what everybody speak from behind (even sales manager) but no one says to my boss. I said to her they need do something about his smell... she said "ah... I smell it but I was not sure if it was him". She asked if this is because smoke or because lack of hygiene and I had to say to her it is because he doesn't take shower.

I really felt so bad talking about it, and I explained to her I feel ashame to say something to him , and the only I was able to do is saying to him to do therapy because is lack of hygiene is because depression. But someone needs to talk with him because he meets customers.... I really felt like shit doing that but i hold his smell 9 hours every day for 5 years and it become worse and worse, I can't hold it anymore and this is not fair I have to work in this situation. 

Another thing I had to do today is saying to my boss about a coworker who makes deals with the ex seller and ex sales manager who stole us money. I got a proof and it was my obligation to show it to her. When I showed the proof to her, sales manager said that another seller warned him about this situation. She will fire him. The accountant was there, for what they were talking I could understand they were evaluating before how much money cost to fire him, and they already know how much it cost to fire the smelly guy.  I wonder if they thought about fire me too.

Today Michael got his bday gift. I'm happy because he loved it. He says the bag is bigger than he thought and it has plenty of space to carry his laptop and all his stuff. He already moved his stuff from the old bag to the new. The quality is very good and he says it's very comfortable to wear. The bag has a lot of compartiments. The compartment for the laptop is checkpoint friendly and it can hold a 18" laptop. The zippers are very sturdy. In the middle it has divided pocket where you can put a lot of stuff, books, papers, etc. The first compartment has spots for pendrives, memory cards, keys, pencil, etc and outside it has hiden spots where you can hold a water bottle. He is happy with his gift 

There is a pic he sent me when he opened the box. He also made videos to show me and he took a pic wearing the bag lol

When he sent me the pic I almost get mad thinking the bag had a bad spot but it was from Michael hands, they were hot.