October 19th, 2017

(no subject)

 Not sure how many times I woke up last night, maybe 2. Breakfast was cereal, yogurth and fruits. At 10.30 am I had coffee and cookies with cheese at work. We had meeting today and sales manager started to push lazy people, it is great.. but he also puts more tasks on me. Even my coworkers ask to me how the hell I deal with all the things I have to do  I get always my things done, maybe it's because I push myself harder than sales manager push me. 

When I get home I was really very tired and sleepy that I almost skip my workout. I forced myself to do exercises and when I started to move the tiredness disappeared. I did 1:20 hours of workout.

For dinner I had a sandwich with tuna, eggs, olive, spinach and tomato, and I made another like that for lunch tomorrow. I drank green tea and now I will go to bed and study C++ for a hour. I joined programming courses in edX site, I wish I had more free time to finish the courses faster