October 21st, 2017

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I need to get a way to have more energy. Maybe I need to change my eating again, it's very healthy but maybe it is not enough for someone who do workout? I do not want to go to a nutritionist and follow a diet, I am bad for that. I feel that it's hard for my body to recover after workout.

Another problem can be my bad sleeping.  Yesterday when I got home I was very tired. I had a early dinner which was fruits and cereals then I sat down at the computer with the intention of working while doing bike but I could not do anything then I went to bed at 10 pm and tried to study some new courses from edX site. After a while I felt asleep very deeply and guess what? the neighbors upstair started to have sex and as usual they did not move the bed away from the wall so it was so loudy the sound of the bed hitting the wall that it woke me up.  I don't understand how that sound doesn't turn them down, it is so annoying! And I can't understand also that need to let everyone know they are having sex. I can't imagine how that wall is, very ruined for sure. 
I woke up one or two more times, one of them it was because I was dreaming that I got new evicende against one of the coworker who has robbed us a lot of money (ex sales manager). It were some old emails that I got on my computer and I was making a video with my cellphone so that the judge does not say that I edited them  It's really annoying to have dreams about work when you work so many hours every day. It shows how burned my mind is. 

So today it was very hard to get up and I almost pass out and skip work. I hate working on Saturday although we just work 4:30 hours. I was so exhausted that the few things I tried to do I did wrong. When I got home I had to take a nap, something that bother me because I lost 2 hours of natural light. 
I don't know if napping helped me some, I'm still sleepy. I had a coffee and now I'll work on designs because I got new orders and probably a new customer also 


Latelly the weather is crazy. Few hot and sunny days, then one or two days rainy and windy. Today it was sunny and hot, suddenly it's windy and raining!!! wtf?!?!?! Of course I feel cold so it was perfect excuse to get another coffee. I'm drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee with coffee creamer.

Note: I need to remember to go to vote tomorrow.

To do List

To do list for this weekend
  • Flyer and first brochure for A.S.
  • Update HY website
  • Start to work on new sections on my website
  • C++ exercises
  • Studying
  • Vote
  • Peeling
  • IPL session
  • Clean the house
  • Clean my bag
  • Nails
  • workout
  • Magic cards
  • Start drawing Vegeta for Michael

I don't know if there will be time for something else