October 22nd, 2017

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Last night I designed the flyer for my customer, then I had dinner while playing Magic Cards. Michael wanted to do something with me so I connected to his computer and we studied Swift 4 together for some hours (yes I know that sound very lame).  I thought I was not going to understand anything at all but so far I understood everything, it was very basic things.  We went to bed at 4 am.

Today I woke up at noon, I had coffee then I went to vote, we vote today senators and deputies.  The voting center is few block away from home so I walked there. There were just 3 people in the line so it took me few minutes to vote and leave. I came back home and had another coffee. 

Last night temperature dropped from 20+ to 10º C. This morning it was 11º and right now 17º. For tomorrow it will be from 11º to 21º. This weather is making my throat hurst