October 30th, 2017

Fast metabolism diet: day 1

I'm trying this diet to fix my eating and to burn some fat. I don't think I have to lose weight, maybe 2 or 3kg max but I don't worry about it, I wanna change my metabolism. I'm not good to follow diets and I don't like doing them but just tracking my eating 2 days was enought see how bad my balance is.
The good about this diet: it makes me eat more times at day that I usually eat so I am not starving all day long
The bad about this diet..... I can't drink coffee!!! it say not coffee at all because caffeine fuck everything up, same artifical sugar and also milk products.

It was my food today:
Breakfast: smoothie with water, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi and oatmel, and puffed rice cake
Morning snack: mango and green tea
Lunch: a salad with rice, spinach and tomatoes, grilled chicken. Strawberries
Afternnon snack: an apple
Dinner: beef steak with egg and zucchini
Evening snack: 4 strawberries and green tea

it was 1230 calories... I think I made my portions of food very small, I need to fix it

This is how my eating balance changed today

Yesterday the balance was satured fat high and all the rest were low. Today with the diet it seems better I drank 8 glass of water and did 1 hour stationary bike.

But not everything was nice today.. lack of caffeine is killing me. I felt sleepy all day long, something that does not happen to me for a long time!! It made my day at work very hard and long, plus I got headache  and feel anxious... ya you can see how addicted I am.

Sadly I will feel like this for some days and maybe I chose the worse week to quit coffee... I'll be busy with meetings and training the whole week


For some reason here it's Cyber Monday today so I looked what they are selling. There is not any good deal about fly tickets, that was my main interest

The only thing I really want now is a tablet but I won't buy one yet because Michael said he wants to give me one for my birthday. I don't know if he will but I don't want to ruin his plan. I bought a scale to track my weight and see if the diet works. i'll also take pics of my body to see if there is some change.

There is the scale I bought

It also has body fat measurement. They will deliver it tomorrow. Another think I bought are small wood speakers for my computer because I got tired of my big and old speakers and I wanted a new one. I don't use them so much, just to watch the videos of my courses and time to time to watch movies or series on Netflix so I got the cheaper one, it cost less than 12 usd normal price