November 1st, 2017

Day 3

Again it was hard to wake up and I ran late to work for 10 minutes. I didn't feel so sleepy like yesterday but headache still comes and goes.
Two new sellers started to work with us today, none of them are good looking or sexy  I am going to train them on Friday and Saturday.
Tomorrow I have to join a training about hidraulic machines, disarm and armed...I wonder how it can helps on my tasks.

Sales manager was talking to me about new commissions so I told him I want they pay me for the extra tasks I do about design, marketing, etc which are not administrative tasks and I am doing it since I joined the company. I explained to him the reasons why I ask for pay rise and I was honest, nothing to lie about bills or some shit like that, this is because I want they pay me for the real work I do. They know I am doing so much and they know I work hard so we will see what happens. In 5 years that I work there this is the first time I ask for rise. 

Food today was:
Breakfast: smoothie with mango, kiwi, strawberries and oatmeal
Morning snack: pear, kiwi
Lunch: salad with tuna, rice, spinach, tomato, egg, carrot. strawberries, apple.
Afternoon snack: apples, puffed rice cake
Dinner: baked chicken with pumpkin and cooked carrot.

Today I really ate very good, it was not small portions and I didnt feel hungry and this was less than 1400 calories again   Nutrient balance score was 65. I drank 8 glass of water or maybe 9 and I did 1 hour workout.
This morning when I woke up I weight myself, it was 60kg (132 pounds), 1 kg less than last night. 

I need to design a catalogue for my customer but I won't do that tonight, I'm going to bed to read a little then sleep.