November 6th, 2017


Saturday was not a productive day. I worked until 1 pm as usual then I went to the natural store and bought rice cakes, adzuki beans and mung beans. I never ate those beans before so I wanted to try since they are on my diet food. After that I went to the green grocery but they had just few vegetables. I came back home and ate fish with pumpkin then I took a short nap because I was really tired.
When I woke up I tried to design but all I did was crap and I was thinking about coffee nonstop  At 1 am I gave up with design and went to the bed "to sleep" which ended with me watching videos on Instagram untill 4 am. 

Sunday was a better day. I woke up at noon, ate some fruits and tried to design again. This time it worked out and I could get done the cover and first pages of the catalogue. My client liked it so much and he wants I design another catalogue also. After few hours working I stopped and cleaned the house, I had dinner, then I take shower and I made my nails while doing bike and playing magic cards.. yes I'm woman I can do many things at same time  I had a very hard game which kept me awake until 2 am. I regretted about that today 

Week 44 Summary

 This is the summary for the week 44. Of course my sleep is crap, but all the rest seems ok.

In general I am satisfied with my progress
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Last week it was CyberMonday, cyberweek and also black Friday (no idea why they did all together) so Michael wanted to give me a tablet for my birthday this month so I can study in the bed instead make my body hurts spending more hours sitting at the computer. I looked for a tablet 10" and there were not many options, Samsung, Viewsonic, iPad and random brands. Everybody were complaining that the battery of Samsung dies in 8 hours, I felt disappointed. The Viewsonic one people say is ok for kids to play with. I looked Lenovo but they are selling just small sizes. I was getting really frustrated. Michael asked me if I want an iPad but it cost more than a notebook so I don't see the point to go for it. He asked me if I want a notebook but I won't make him spend so much money when 1 month ago his car got broken and he had to buy a new one.
I checked the auction website and I found a tablet which I don't know the brand but it has a lot of 5 starts review.

It is a gamer tablet, screen 10" 1280 dpi Ultra HD resolution,  16Gb (to 48GB with MicroSD) Quad Core 1.5 Ghz , Android 7, Wifi + dual chip 3G, Sensor G, 6000 mAh battery. The only not good enought is the double cam quality (2 mpx and 0.3 mpx) but to be honest I do not care. This brand makes also cameras for virtual reality so it can be so bad I guess. We decided to try this tablet so we bought it. They will send me for free bluetooth handset, cover, stylus pen, OTG wire, protective glass, and deliver it for free  everything for 170 dolars!!. It has 1 year garantee and I have 72 hours to try it to see if I like it. I'm pretty sure they will send me the green cover which I dont like but it doesnt matter, I think I will buy a better cover. 

I will get the tablet on Friday, I can't wait!!!