November 7th, 2017

Day 1 and 2: Phase 1 - There we go again!

This week I'm going to do the diet in the right way. I read it and I understood about how to do the phases. So on Monday I started it.
Although the first week I did it wrong, I lost 1.8 pounds, 0.78" of waist and hip, and 0.39" of thigh and arm. Not bad at all anyway! 

Records before start:
Body measurements:

Hips (the widest part): 38.9"
Waist (at the level of the navel): 32.28"
Thigh: 22"
Arm: 9.44"

Weight: 129.19"

What I ate yesterday and today:

Breakfast: strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, kiwi, peach with oatmeal
Morning snack: mango / pineapple
Lunch: cooked fish with lemon and oregano, and brown rice / grilled chicken with salad (mung beans, adzuki beans, egg and tomato) / strawberries
Afternoon snack: apple
Dinner: grilled chicken with salad (mung beans, adzuki beans, egg and tomato) / zucchini omelette

I have to say that I'm enjoying this new way to eat and the things I'm trying!

With the beans I did a salad and I really liked it, I want to try to make an omelette with them now to see if this is good

This time I did not cook the fish in the oven. I put 2 portions of fish in a plate and added lemon juice and oregano, then I covered the plate with a film and cooked it in the microwave for 10 minutes.. easy, fast and tasty. 

Today I cooked the snacks for the next 2 days which are the hardest days on the diet. I can not eat fruits nor grain legumes so I chose for snacks chicken soup, chiken and eggs. It was my first time cooking chiken soup, I always cook vegetables soup. I put in a pan: water, a chicken thigh, white and red onion, spinach, garlic podwer, pepper, oregano and vegetable bouillon. It taste delicious! And the chicken I cut it on cubes to eat alone I also cooked the lunch for tomorrow so basically I spent the afternoon cooking, and I enjoyed it so much!!!

Both days I did bike