November 15th, 2017

Day 9 / Day 10 Phase 2

I don't remember so much what I did yesterday. I had very busy day at work. When I get home I spent the time cooking for dinner and for the next 2 days. I designed 1 hour while doing bike then I went to sleep. 

Today and tomorrow I am in the phase 2 of the week. This time I did better than the first  week. I cooked the breakfast for tomorrow which is spinach omelette with eggs white. I used enough spinach to be sure I wont be hungry 30 minutes later. The snaks today and tomorrow are chicken and chicken soup which I cooked yesterday. Lunch was pork chops with asparagus and spinach, and dinner was fish with bean sprouts. The food was enought today and I hope tomorrow it be ok also.

I did 1.10 hours workout. I am pushing it harder to see changes on my body. So far I can see them on my waist and stomach. Michael wanna try the diet, I told him I am not going to translate the book for him (because last time that I did something like that to help him it was a waste of my time) so I told him the name of the book. He bought it from eBay and today he got the book! Let's see if he really does it. I don't believe he will take the time to buy the food and cook to bring it to the work. We will see.

The bean sprouts growed very well. In just 2 days I got them done and saved them in the fridge. It is not a normal taste for me but it is not so bad, a little bitter in my opinion but I eat them anyway.
I wont design today, I am delayed with those works because I spend my free time cooking and doing workout. After Friday I have 3 days off so I can catch up with my projects.