November 16th, 2017

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My day started with my coworker snorting and complaining 

After 31º C yesterday, today it is cold, just 16C, hard to decide what to wear every morning with this crazy weather

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I am so done with this work but I want to hold on 1 more year to continue studyng programming and see if I can get some  different work.
There is no way to work with these people. The cellphone which company gave me doesn't has signal in my office, the wi´fi service for cellphones doesn't work, and administrative boss doesn't want to give me the password of the wi-fi that works, what he thinks? that I'll watch Netflix from my cellphone while working? 

Another thing that botter me so much is the flies... my office has not door because I am in a mezzanine and when it is hot flies come inside the building and obviously into my office. This place is so depressing, everything is old and dirty. 

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 Payday, they keep the plus they gave me last month so it is officialy part of my salary now, and there I'll earn some more money with new comissions also 


I was a little disapointed about my tablet because when i got it the screen had some littles scratches. I looked the screen to see if it had some protector on but nope, there was not signal of any film on the screen. I opened the box and see the film was inside for I put it. I tried to install that film but I failed, I could not to get ride of all the air bubbles doesn't matter how many times I tried. That piss me off then I gave up and I decided to buy a glass protector. 
I went to many stores and they had not a glass for the size of my tablet  it piss me off more, finally I bought a cover to avoid the screen get more scratches. I messaged the seller to tell him how I got my tablet and he told me that the tablet has a film installed from factory. That gave me some hope so I checked it out and tried to rip the corners with my nails to take off the film but It doesn't work, there was not any film!!!!!
I messaged them again explaining it and saying to them the screen just has a sticker which says "Do not remove". They told me that sticker is from the protector film and I asked me to try again. I took my tablet ready to get disappointed one more time, and I ripped it hard... guess what????
I GOT THE FILM!  the screen is not damaged, it is the film which has scratches!!!! hurra!!!! 

Ya I felt a little dumb because took me 1 week to see the stupid protector film but happy because the tablet is fine! 

Day 11

It's still hard for me to have spinach omelette for breakfast, I eat it slowly to not feel nausea, but it is good that after breakfast I am not hungry until 11 a.m. when I have a snack.
There are some changes I started to feel. My belly is flat even at the end of the day, I think it is because I am not eating flours, the sensation is great! My mouth is more relaxed now that I am not drinking coffee and even my period this month didn't hurt  (sorry if this is too much info for you lol )
I need to improve my sleeping now that I am not getting energy from caffeine, because I feel tired after dinner and it is hard for me to stay awake working or studying. 


 Actually reading:

- Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. hyde
- The Last Battle
- The power of now
- The adventures and memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
- Service A navy seal at war