November 19th, 2017

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I wonder if I am the only person who has to write in her To Do list things to have some fun, otherwise I'll just work lol

Although I did not work yesterday, I could not stay in the bed so long, someone was hammering the wall and the sound woke me up. I had breakfast and I read DW then I decided to spend money doing shopping. I went to the beauty store (yes, again) but all that I wanted was not good for my skin so the shop assistant (who already know me) told me this time I better don't buy anything On my way back home I stopped in other store and I bought some steel bracelets which won't hurt my skin.. Stupid skin I have!!!!

So there is the shopping of this week

I came back home, I had lunch and Michael asked me to help him with the list of things he needs to buy to start the diet.  I'm not sure how far away he will go with this but I made a list for him, he seems excited to try it but we agree it is better for him to start after Thanksgiving day because his mother will cook some food he knows he will wants. 

After lunch I felt sleepy and I was about to nap but I forced my ass to do 1 hour workout, then to sit in the chair until finish the catalogue I was designing. I did it and this means I can get the money from this work this month 

While I was making dinner Michael woke up and went to the market. He sent me some pics and asked me if he should get those things for the diet, everything were on pouch or canned and with other shits added  We tried to get those without any spicy nor added on them.
I could see in one pic they have Dragon fruit!!!!! I want to try it next time I go there but I did not see they had that fruit on Walmart, maybe it is a winter fruit?

I watched one episode of Stranger Things 2 while eating dinner then I moved to the bed and I got stucked watching the whole season until 4.30 am. Loved it   

Amazon Prime

I realized that I can watch movies and series for free with my Prime account, but most of them are not available in my current location.... 
I still can't decide if it worths to continue paying for this service