November 23rd, 2017

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Weather is killing me, I can't get ride of the allergy in this way. One day it is very hot, 30ºC +, then next day it is cold and windy, next day it is rainy, and so on. Today it was 24C ( 75F ) and sunny, suddenly it started to rain heavily, 5 minutes later it was sunny again... my eyes and skin are very very dry, the skin of my eyelids and chin are peeling. My face cream and the 2lt of water I drink every day are not helping at all, I don't know what to do. Today i bought a new cream of Loreal which I do not like so much. Even when it is for dry skin I feel those creams are very oily. This is why I use Korean cosmetics, they are better than the expensive brands. But I ran out of my Hyaluronic acid. I may try brands like Lancome or Vichy but I prefer to wait and buy the korean one. 
My nails are very dry too and keep getting broken, mostly because I am very clumsy latelly and I hit everything with my fingers. Today I saw in a store they have in promotion all the nailpolish so I bought a Sally Hansen strengthener to see if my nails stops from peeling,  I got another one for free!!! I also bought online 3 Sally hansen nailpolish and 1 fast dry. They did 50% discount on my order and I also will get back 1/3 of the money I spent. I need stop spending money on nailpolish but I can't help!!!


So.. on Sunday I'm going to be 40 yo... what am I supposed to do? a party? I don't think I know enough people to do that lol. In fact I don't see my few friends for years and I stopped talking to them. My family is very small and we don't celebrate anything together, sometimes Christmas with my mother which is not my favorite day of the year. I do not expect anyone come nor any gift. I was thinking to go somewhere with Alexis but his idea for my gift was "a dinner or 12 minutes of savage sex" maybe I should take the sex offer but I feel anything for him even in that way. 

I think I will stay at home like another normal Sunday and perhaps I will make plans for my next trip. I know it sound kinda depressed but I really I do not fit with the people I know. There are not healthy, constructive or inspiring people so I do not have any interest on them.

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I wonder if yesterday I felt so down because I just ate 800 calories. Today I will eat beans to get more calories, I think 800 is very little