November 25th, 2017

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On Thursday I felt a little better, maybe because I ate the double of calories than on Wednesday. I also managed to do workout . 
At night I played Magics Duel to earn more coins for buy some booster packs. It was another hot day but at night it was windy and the temperature dropped sharply. I had to close all the windows, it was flying around a lot of dust so guess what???? Friday was the hell for me. I woke up with very dry eyes and thoat burning. When I got work my contacts were already killing my eyes and it got worse during the day. 

It was a quiet week at work where I am alone because my coworker went on vacations. I could relax from the previous stress but on Friday I got a lot of things to do.... the only day I felt really bad 

At the hour I got home and took off the damned contacts, my vision had decreased by 50%. I had dinner then I played Magics again with Michael. I bought my boosters and we opened them together. We got cards from Revolt campaign so we can play with the same cards we have in real, and learn the correct way them works. So far I think I will make a black-green deck for online game. My real deck is blue-black but when I made that deck last vacations I didn't know how cards works, and Michael was pushing me to finish it and play with our new decks so I am pretty sure my actual deck sucks. 

This morning I woke up to go to work and was hard to open my eyes because they had laments. I went to the bathroom and I examinated them on the mirror. They were not red but crying and sticky so I decided skip work, it won't be a good idea to wear contacts. I applied a cream on them and I went back to bed.

Black Friday

In this side of the world, Black Friday are fake. They will raise prices then offer a great discount 40% or 50% but it will be less since they already increased prices. So here nobody rush to stores to buy anything. I looked the offers and I didn't buy anything, I do not really need. I want to change my couch for a futon but I will wait since I didn't find a good offer. 

Anyway I did shopping because I got an email from one of my favorites brands of makeup and they were giving discount for Black Friday in their online store. I often buy from there so I know their real prices, the discount was good enough so I decide to buy some makeup and sent my order to Michael's house. I know I said I should stop buying makeup but I can't help!!! 

This can be funny if Michael's parents go to him house and they find all my makeup there, they will think that Michael became gay 

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After call to my work and say I was not going today I fall asleep again. I got up at 10 a.m. and I had breakfast while I read DW. I went to the pharmacy and i bought pills for the allergy, then I went to the natural store. I got rice pasta which I never tried before but my coworker told me that is pretty similar to the normal pasta. 

I came back home, I had lunch then I cleaned the house, everything is clean: bath, floors, kitchen. I also did laundry because tomorrow I want to care just about myself. It was almost 8 pm when I finished with the house and I felt a little tired. I sat down to play Magic Duels in the computer while I did bike for 1 hour. I got stucked in a stupid match that I could not win so I did a break to have dinner then I played a couple of hours.

Dinner was the rice pasta and salad, which was not bad. That pasta has not taste at all and the texture is very similar to normal pasta. It is good to trick the mind and make it believe that you are eating flour when you are not 

My mother didn't call me today to see what time we will eat tomorrow, mayne I am lucky and she will be busy, then I don't need to celebrate my birthday doing something that I don't want!