November 26th, 2017


I'm 40 years old today....I don't think the number will affect me at all but I don't like so much how it sounds. I am just now learning how to live, many of my years were a waste. 

The day was not as bad as I thought. I woke up at noon, I had some bad dream that I don't remeber what this was. My mother messaged me if I preferred to have lunch or dinner together, I chose dinner. I got up, I had breakfast and 2 hours later I had lunch. 
I wanted to do workout but I felt heavy after dinner although it was a small beef with salad. I read for 1 hour a new book which seems interesting and I was still heavy so I decided to do bike instead workout. I did 1 hour bike while I read the diet book to know what to do after I end the diet. I also played some matchs of Magic cards. 

I had shower then I started to get ready for dinner. I went to my mother's restaurant, it were mom, Flor, Martu and me. My sister and my niece didn't come, I invited them but they forgot it was my birthday and they were already cooking for dinner. My mother was complaining about some problem with her business but I just ignored it. 
I was a little nervous because I didn't know what reaction I was going to have about food, or desserts. I didn't break my diet at all, I had grilled chicken with salad. Martu had squid rings which I LOVE but I didn't touch it at all. She also had dessert, some choco-cake which is a cake made with chocolate cookies and caramel... sugar... all those sugar there in front of my eyes... and I didn't want to eat it. I feel so good with my body although I do not get my goal yet, that I have not interest at all to ruin all the work I am doing. 
My mother keeps saying to me that I should not do diet, that I have no fat to burn, that many diets are so bad for our body. She also talked about how fat she is getting because eating so much, and that she probably will have a liposuction 

My father and his older son messaged me today, I was surprised they remember my bday. My boss also messaged. Michael did early in the morning, he was the second person who greeted me, Martu was the first 
Some virtual friends on Facebook also saludate me although I don't post the date of my birthday there, I don't want to reply a lot of messages of people who probably don't even care about this day lol 

One of the makeup brands I buy from, which I really love their products, sent me a 15% off coupon for my birthday.  Right now they give 70% discount because cyber monday so I think I will buy some makeup tomorrow and try to use my coupon to see if I can get 85% off lol 

I took some aweful pics of myself to remember how (bad or good) I looked on my 40s. I am not photogenic and allergy is killing my eyes but who cares

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