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November 28th, 2017

Sales manager is settled in my office, my coworker Daniel has returned from vacations.... already complaining because he doesn't want to work.. I have not peace in this place 

After lunch I tried to read a little of my programming book because I am stucked with some leasson (very stupid and basic stuff) but it was not posible, they were talking so much and Daniel can't let his foot quiet a second, he is making noise nonstop. I have asked to him so many times to stop doing it but he just ignore me and makemore noise... childish as fuck. 

I wish I could quit this job and join a company where people wants to grow and be productive instead to be mediocre, but at my age and in this country that is not going to happens


Nov. 28th, 2017

Today my boss bought a cake to celebrate my birthday. We always do that for someone birthday but I didn't expect they will do this time because my birthday was on Sunday. I was not excited about this shock of sugar but I didn't want to be ungrateful so I ate a very very tiny slice. I have not eaten sugar nor flour for 1 month so I was a little nervous thinking my body will get crazy after eat it and want more and more but that didn't happens. 

There is the cake

When I got home I cooked apple with cocoa powder and cinamon, it was better than the cake  I also cooked meat with quinoa for dinner, spinach with champignon omelette for breakfast and  chicken soup for tomorrow,  I ate so much that I am afraid I'll gain some weight but at least I won't be hungry in the phase 2 of the diet. 


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