November 29th, 2017


I tried to find the house were my grandparents lived 40 years ago but it seems Google street doesn't go there yet. So bad because I'll love to see how the place is now. They lived in a small village called Río Colorado and I can remember every single detail from there. I used to go with them on vacations from my 2 to 6 years, they were the best years of my life.
My grandfather was train driver and the house was located next to the tracks. In the front garden he had orchids, freesias, jasmines and roses. In the back garden they had an orchard and different fruits tree. That house was so special for me.

This is the only I can see on Google maps

I looked for a house I remember I lived with my family. I have good and bad memories of this one. My parents got divorced while we lived there so my grandparents had to moved with us.  They made my life a little better and less sad 

This is the house, I actually live near there

One day my father and my grandfather brought a computer to home, it was just a keyboard that you need to connect to your TV. It had not a hard drive to save info. The programs you needed to save and run them from casettes (yes, I am that old) I fell in love with it, probably from that moment I loved more computers than humans. 

My father used to buy a computer magazine called Microhobby which in every number had code for program a game. I spent hours and days writing code but it usually never worked. Sometimes I play those old games in an emulator. 

I tried to remember other adress where I lived before and also the place where I born but I can't remember it.