December 3rd, 2017

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I started to watch some adut cartoon on Netflix called Big Mouth. It's about a group of kids going through puberty and all the changes it implies. There is a hormonal monster for the boys and one for the girls. The monster for the boys make them want to jerk off nonstop and to think about sex. The monster of the girls make them be emo, argue with their mothers and cry all the time. The face of that monster looks pretty similar to Rihanna 

Last night I stayed up late reading Code Name Camelot. I enjoy reading that book. The main character is interesting to me since he can't feel any emotion or feeling, all his reaction follow a very logical reasoning without the interference of feelings... in some point I wish I could be like that, I mean I'm very logical too but I can't avoid feelings affect me. 

I had bad sleep and I woke up many times during the night. At 10 am. I gave up trying to sleep and I got up. I cleaned the house and I struggle with the feeling of guilty because yesterday I didn't do all the things I wanted to do so today I'm rushing trying to get all done. 

I did some changes in the catalogue for my client as he asked me to do so that work is done. He already paid me for that and told me he wants to do another new design. I will finish to update the website for my work today because we wants to upload it this week, and I need to start a Google adwords campaign when the website is updated... so, hurry up!

Week 5

Today I finish the 5th week of my diet. One more week and I'll stop for some weeks.

Body measurements
 Before start (10/30/17)Week 5 (12/03/17)
Hips (the widest part)39.76"36.61"
Waist (at the level of the navel)33.07"29.52"

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