December 6th, 2017

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Did I say I hate December? I have so much things to do at work. My cellphone and line phone were rining nonstop. Eveybody need something of me, even the daughter of my boss!!! Not funny at all  I do alone the work that a year ago were doing 2 people and even bringing work at home 
Yesterday and also today, after work, I bought Christmas gifts for my family.  I have almost everything which is good because I do not want to run to buy things a week before Christmas were every place is crowded, I hate that! I got books, bracelets, makeup, diary, lingerie, pencil case and clothes... yes, we are all women 

I also got a gift for myself, I bought furniture: desk, bedside table and a shoe-storage cabinet. I'll pick them on Saturday    

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One of my clients, to who I did a catalogue last week, realized that he forgot to include the main activity of his company on it 

Tonight he messaged me asking if I can add it to the design because tomorrow he has a meeting with his costumer and he needs the catalogue. So intead of being in my bed reading Sherlock Holmes I'll stay up late working on this change