December 10th, 2017

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Yesterday I almost skip work! I was so tired that I turn off the alarm. It was good I had a very weird dream because it woke me up, then I realize I was going to be late to work.  In my dream I was with Michael in some house, I think we lived there. We were in the bedroom and I was sitting on the bed looking the wall while Michael was concentrated in some letter. The wall had irregular lines which formed different shapes. those shapes were painted with dark brown color and a little of white. It was so ugly! I asked to Michael why he painted the wall like this when I don't like it at all. He looked at me and replied "what are you talking about??" ... the wall! I said then when I look again to the wall it was completely white. I didn't understand what was going on. I blinked then the wall was brown again. I felt so confused, I knew Michael could not see the same than me... he started to read the letter he was writing before to know my opinion about it. This weird sensation woke me up and I felt like this for a while.

I got work few minutes late. My boss talked to me about some "secret" info she got. It seems that the employee of one of our clients steal tools from his company and gives it to our technical to he sell it to others.  Few days ago my boss had spoke with him and told him she doesn't trust him because she knows she did business with the ex seller who started the law suit, and she also knows that he gives info to this person. She pushed him harder and he swear he never did something againts us but we don't believe him, we have proofs, so she said to him next time she has any doubt about him she will fire him. She told me next year she wants to fire almost everyone, to sell our offices and to move to a new place with just the persons that she trust. I'll pray for this really happens!!! In the other hand, she told me in March she will give me a key of the office, then I can come to work earlier if I want to can go home earlier also, and she told me I can work from home instead go to the office when I need to do it  

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Yesterday my mother and I went to the shopping mall to pick my furniture. First we walked around the stores and we entered  the bookstore to buy books. I can stay hours and hours just touching and smelling the books  We also went to the Apple store to get a new charger and mom was like a kid touching everything they had exhibited  . After that we went to pick my furniture. A guy helped us to bring them to our car and we came home. The boxes were heavy for me, and I had hard time to enter them to my apartement while mom was laughing about me 

Before unpack the furniture I washed the curtains and I cleaned the windows and the blinds. Then I decided to assemble first the nightstand, I thought it was the easier because it was smaller than the rest. When I started to take the wooden boards out of the box I realized it was not going to be so easy. 

All of this is just the nightstand:

It took me 2 hours to assemble it and I did not a mistake because I didn't rush. I had fun with this.

This is how the nightstand looks, it has pull out tray:

I did a breack for dinner and to let my hands recover a little, they hurted and had red spots. After that I continued with the desk. It was easier than the nigthstand and I had it done in 1 hour. 

When I bought the desk the image on the website showed that the desk drawers were in the left side. I didn't like it so much but when I was assembling it I realized that it comes ready for you choose whatever side you want to put the drawers  I love it!!! 

The wood of the furniture is not bad at all, and they are kinda heavy. The wooden tables were in good condition, no scratches, no damage, everything was ok. 

I settled my computer and the stuff on the desk and the nightstand. There I have enought spot for everything that I had in the old furniture and more, and I can continue using my pedal exerciser when I am in the desk. 
I went to the bed at 3.30 am but I stayed awake talking to Mike until 5 am. 

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Today I woke up early but I stayed in the bed until I fall sleep again. I woke up 2 times more then I gave up and I got up. It was 11 am. I had breakfast then I started to assemble the last furniture, the shoe storage. 
It was the harder and my hands were already crying before I started to work on this. I think I spent 3 hours on it, maybe more. This last was not so good like the rest of the things. It missed 4 screws, and the screws for the handlers are not the correct so I'll need to replace it when I can. 

I had lunch (last day of my diet!!!) then I moved the shoe storage to my room and I put my shoes inside. This is how the new furniture look:

I asked to Flor if she wants my old furniture because she doesnt have. She came to take my old nigthstand and desk. I have another furniture I want to take out of my bedroom but first I need to see where I can put the things I store there. 

Although hands were hurting as hell I didn't take a break and continued moving things around. I throw in the trash papers, old jewerly, old clothes, old makeup, old bed sheets and a lot of things that I wont use. I stopped at 9pm, I took a shower then I had dinner. After that I came to the computer and I did 50 minutes bike while writing here.

I am not so tired as I thought I was going to be, maybe tomorrow every muscle of my body will hurt, I don't know, and actually I don't care because I am very very very happy with the new furniture and how I am changing my life every day