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December 17th, 2017


Last night I stayed up late watching series on Netflix. I wanted some distraction but nothing seemed good to watch. I tried with anime, but I changed my mind after the intro  the app suggested Star Wars and Star Trek movies and series so I added them to my list. Although they are very popular series I have never watched them, I am not sure if I'll like this kind of series but I should give this a chance. 
I also added Sense 8, Lucifer, World War II in colour, Punisher, Dark, Iron fist, Hacksaw ridge, Once upon a time, Penny dreadful and Outlander. 
Finally I decided to start watching Arrow. It was a very good election, the actor is so sexy that for some hours I forgot about all my problems  
I feel a little identified with Felicity when her boss call her to his office and she was ready to get fired, always thinking the worse lol

Tonight I have a party. I don't want to go but I have not choice. I prefer stay at home reading books or watching series but I promised to go. I don't think I'll enjoy it so much.


Computer problem

I am getting really pissed with my computer. the mouse is freezing nonstop and I don't know why. I changed the batteries yesterday and also today, but still the same problem. I wonder if this has to be with all the chrome windows I have active, or batteries are very old and it is time to get new ones. Later I'll change the mouse and see if this problem get fixed. 


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