December 21st, 2017

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I feel so down, maybe because I am trying to move away from people who hurt me or people who don't add anything good to my life (it measn I bitched to Michael too) I'm doing my best to not be depressed... and doing so much shopping lol

This weekend we were going to the weekend house to celebrate Christmas and I wanted to swim, but mom told me we will go on Sunday because she expect so much clients on her restaurant on Saturday. The bad thing about it is that on Sunday they close the pool early because Christmas, probably at 4 pm  and they are closed on 25th 

At work I am so busy latelly that sometimes I feel I'll collapse. My boss and I are happy about my work, which is good, and I have a lot of projects for the next year. I still have 1 week of vacations from last year, and 2 weeks from this year, then in October I'll get 3 more weeks of vacations. I'm thinking to take 1 week off in February and go to the weekend house to relax and swim. I also want to go to Chinatown but I can do it any weekend.
Today we are going to a restaurant for lunch to celebrate end of year (we are almost to go there right now). My boss gives us day off on December 23th and 30th   
In Juanary I'm going to be more busy than now, so I better rest as much as I can.