December 26th, 2017

Christmas Eve

I slept less than 5 hours. We was going to leave at 10 am. but for some reason we left at noon. It was a hot and sunny day, perfect to swim so when we got the weekend house I went to the pool with the kids. Almost noone there, it was perfect!!! We stayed in the pool for 2 hours, then we went to have pizza for lunch and we came back to the pool 2 more hours. My sister and my mother joined us this time.

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I was taking pics of vanellus chilensis birds when I saw a lizard walking next to me

I followed the lizard and it went inside a hole in a corner of the pool. In this place are many of them but it's not so easy to see them.

I took a lot of great pics of my family, so bad I can't say the same about my selfies
At 6 pm they closed the pool and we went back to the house. All the girls started to take shower and get ready for dinner. I did their make up and helped my mom to paint her hair. This woman was the whole weekend losing everything, even a gift for one of us!!! we had to help her to find it We made fun of her losing everything, and also because she has so much expired food. My sister and I threw everything in the trash while mom kept saying "that is fine to eat". Really she is very hard to hold, and she is just 63 years old, I can't imagine how hard it will be in few more years.
After I helped mom, I took a shower and I did my best to look decent. I was tired and feeling sick, it was difficult to breathe because the nasal congestion.

This is what I did with myself

Our Christmas table:

Flor and I tried a lot of selfies until we got one pretty decent and funny, she is beautiful, is not her? Martu never join us to take pics. 

Dinner was a delicious meat with orange sauce and salty pancakes tower that my sister cooked from and old recipe that my grandma used to cook always. It was very nice to eat it again. 
At midnight we toast and opened our gifts. My sister never spend money on gifts so she gave me a fashion key ring. I expected nothing from her because she is saving money for my niece 15th birthday. From Martu and Flor I got jewelry and a succulent plant for my mini plants collection!!! Mom gave me a blue blanket which seems will look fine on my bedroom. Everybody liked the gifts that I got for them so I am happy 

I went to the bed at 3 am, feeling very sick and tired.


On Christmas I woke up at noon, still sick but at least I had some rest. I got a coffee and I went outside to watch the hummingbirds, they came often to eat so I could make videos and take pics of them. It's so beautiful that I can stay hours there looking how they fly. 



We had barbecued with salad for lunch and dessert was icecream. My sister and I cleaned the house because mom is doing very bad job at this... she is losing her glasses all the time so she clean without wear them which means she can't see what she is trying to clean 
The fridge was dripping water so I moved it to see if the drain was clogged. There were not food or garbage under the fridge but I found worms!!!  My sister cleaned it because if I do I'll throw up, I hate worms.
Although it was another 90+ hot day I went for a ride in the bicycle. I didn't get so much people around, they were in their pools or inside the houses. I didn't see anyone playing golf also. 
The air was very nice, I could smell the aroma of the trees and feel the warm wind in my skin while I was riding.
I took some pics on the way

Horses in a field on the sied of the road

There are many different animals in the place, like owls, parrot, vallenus chilensis, hares, capybaras, hummingbirds and other birds.

The owls are so lovely, while I was passing they looked at me turning its head 180º, it was funny. I got a lot of them on my way.

I did 10km on the bike, It took me 1 hour counting the times I stopped to take pics or to check my gps. I tried to went to the main lagoon but I could not find the way. 

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Last night I got home at 10.30 pm. I cooked lunch for today then I tried to sleep. It was impossible... I could not breath even sitting on the bed. Probably I fell asleep around 4 am to wake up 3 hours later feeling as shit. I called to work and said I was not going today and I tried to work from home. I answered just few emails then I feel not able to stay at the computer.
Before noon I went to the hospital. Although it was again 90+ I walked there because I live few blocks away. Luckily there were not many people waiting. The Dr who saw me seemed not happy to be working. He cheked my body temperature, breathing, blood preassure, oxygen and beats per minute. Everything was fine. it seems I have not flu but allergic rhinitis. I don't know where this allergy comes from but even the skin of my arms itch like hell. He prescribed me corticoids and sent me back home. 
When I came back, I had lunch and I took the medicine, then I tried to work and again I couldn't stay at the computer. I was very very tired. I laid down trying to sleep but everybody was calling me by phone today  I got up, I got a coffee, tried to work because at this point I'm very delayed with my work, and failed again. Screw that! I went to the bed and finally I fell asleep for 2 hours. 
Tomorrow I am not going to the office, but for sure I need to work from here doesn't matter how I feel.I need to calculate sales comissiones and send it to the accountant who is leaving for vacations in 2 days. And today I got many quotes to do. Really it was very bad time to get sick.

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